New releases

New Releases May 2015

Orgasmic Masturbation Pleasure ( your new hypnotic prescription )

New Releases March 2015

Dirty Huntress Seduction ( find it in Hypnotic Prescriptions )

New Releases February 2015

Seductress Addiction ( find it in masturbation )

Enforced Sissification

New Releases January 2015

REWIND MASTURBATION  ( find it in masturbation )

Drenched In Pleasure. Find it in ( Mind Training )

Wicked step mom sinful lust

New Release For November 2014

Desire more mindgasm xxxxx  ( Find in Hypnotic prescriptions )

Desire Mindgasm tease and denial

New Release For October 2014

Moonlight Seductress  Find it in Masturbation section

Feminising new skin

New Release For September 2014


New Release For January 2014

Feminising Seduction

New Release For December 2013

Wicked Step Mom ( Loverdose )

Brainwash Masturbation infusion

New Release For September 2013

Decadent Red ( Feminization Pleasure )

New Release For August 2013

Hypnotic Viagra Masturbation

Wicked step mom ( Wicked dirty pleasures )

Enchantress Seduction ( In Hypnotic Prescriptions )

New Release For July 2013

Feminising Deeper Pleasure

New Release For June 2013

Deeper Sexual Seduction ( In Hypnotic Prescriptions )

New Release For May 2013


Desire xxxxx  ( In hypnotic prescriptions )

New Release For April 2013

Brainwash Seduction

New Release For March 2013

Dirty Wicked Step Mom Trilogy

NYMPHOMANIACS ( hypnotic Prescription )


New Release For Febuary 2013

Feminized and Fucked

New Release For Jan 2013

Crave Ashley Shemale

Desire Temptation your hypnotic prescription

Feminization with shemale

New releases for December 2012

Wicked step mom Night Nurse

Inevitable sex juice

G.Spot @ Adore Girls

Feminising sex in a bottle

New releases for November 2012

Sex in a bottle Euphoira

Sexual Seduction

Sex in a Bottle Tease Denial

Desire to go deeper induction

New releases for October 2012

Midnight Seductress

Wicked step mom  Dirty Desires

Wicked step mom Sweet Dreams ( Tease and Denial )

Intoxicating Masturbation Pleasure

Magic Mirror Feminization

Wicked step mom (boy toy ) Part 2

Wicked step mom ( Boy Toy ) Part 1

New releases for September 2012

Euphoric Mind Seduction

Euphoric Mind Seduction Tease and Denial

Looking Through The Looking Glass Femininization

Succubus Sex Play

New releases for August 2012.

Hot as a Fever Tease & Denial

Feminizing Sexual Euphoria

Hot as a fever masturbation pleasure

Feminizing Sexual Hormone Release

New releases for July 2012

Succubus Seduction

Tease Denial Mind Seduction

New releases for June 2012

Wicked step mom ” Always ready “

Silk Panties Pleasure

Yes Mistress Masturbation Instruction

Bi curious cock cravings

Stockings & Stilettos Dirty dreams

New releases for May 2012

Huntress Feminization

Huntress Seduction

Wicked step mom ( Dirty Dreams )

New releases for April 2012

Wet Dreams Masturbation

Feminising wet dreams

Vampire Euphoria

Sensuous Feminising ( Vampire )

New releases for March 2012

Wicked step mom ( The sitters )

Wicked step mom party time

Enchanting Fur Fantasy ( Feminising )

Sexual Whispers

New releases for February 2012

Silk Feminizing Bondage

Euphoric T&D

Bondage Pleasure

My foot slave

Feminizing Pleasure

Wicked Addictive Denial

Wicked addictive pleasure

Feminising: Velvet pleasure

New releases for January 2012

Yes Mistress, enforced feminization

The new DEEPER induction

New releases for December 2011

Goddess Seduction

Ecstasy ” Masturbation Instruction “

Wicked step mom ” Fuck Toy “

Wicked step mom ” Girl in the mirror “

Wicked step mom ” Lust “

Wicked step mom ” Forbidden Lust “

New releases for November 2011

Feminising Perscription

Brainwash Euphoria

Wicked step mom Roxy & Davina

New releases for October 2011

Vampiress Feminization

New releases for September 2011

Vampire Seductress

Soft feminising induction

Wicked step mom and Davina

New releases for August 2011

Wicked step mom Feminization pleasure collar

Wicked step sister Pleasure Collar slave boy

Wicked step mom Kiss goodnight

New releases for July 2011

Wicked step sister 1 T&D

Wicked step sister sex slave

Wicked step mom special boy

Wicked step mom just for you

Wicked step mom feminised

Wicked step mom cruel denial

Wicked step mom training induction

New releases for June 2011

Wicked Stepmom Secret Lover

Wicked stepmom Tease & Denial

Mind Control Induction

Traquil Mind

New releases for May 2011

Mind Program  Brainwash Submission

Feminization Submission

Mind Program Tease & Denial

New releases for April 2011

Horny wet whispers

Juicy wet whispers T&D

Seductive Orgasmic Whispers

Pantie slave boy

Wickedly Denied T&D

Foot slave:  Worship five Goddess’s

Timeless Pleasure

Itense addictive masturbation pleasure

The Kiss of pleasure

Addictive whispers T&D

Hands Free

Milking you dry

The kiss denial T&D

New releases for March 2011

Spell Bound Induction

Erotic dream masturbation

Erotic tease and denial

Robot slave boy

Enforced feminization

Feel Aroused loop.

New releases for Jan & Feb 2011

Goddess brainwash

New Milked dry

New Focus Trance Induction

Feminine Release

Multi orgasmic pleasure

Adult baby Once upon a time Girl

Adult baby Once upon a time Boy

Ocean Mist sleep file

Hypnotic Seductress

Endorphin Stimulation

Alluring tease and denial

Alluring permission to cum

Mind lubrication

A deep euphoric pleasure

Feminising potion

My pretty girl

Deeper now

Sleep induction 1

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